Mauro Basso, the hairstylist and director, never wanted to be a haridresser, until he found his passion in Norma Hair Studio

Mauro Basso: a hair stylist with a unique style

I never wanted to be an ordinary hair stylist.
The thought of a salon where a routine and monotony were distinctive elements of the trade did not appeal to me.
Norma Hair Studio is art, creativity, new trends and studying timeless concepts and essence.


My professional career as a hair stylist started with my mother Norma, my inspiring muse and the person I most wanted to emulate. At 21 she took me to Paris to help her at an event called "Metamorphose": it was here that I realised what I really wanted to do with my life. Seeing famous people like Llongueras and Vidal Sassoon coordinating stylists, models, choreographers and music made me understand the subtle and clear perception of what I wanted to create in the future: a style and philosophy all of my own.



I then moved to London to train at the Vidal Sassoon school where I stayed for two years. There I was lucky to meet Simon Ellis who greatly influenced my way of thinking and my style. One evening after a really testing and technical day at work I went to ask Ellis his opinion about my work which I thought was innovative and new. Absorbed in what he was doing and without lifting his head from the desk Ellis replied: "if you've already done it, it's not new anymore". This phrase was really powerful and hit me so hard I decided to make it my motto.


The Norma Hair Studio

After returning to Bolzano I worked alongside my mother for 22 years consolidating my knowledge and developing my own artistic ideas and the inspiration behind my work.

Today I run the "Norma Hair Studio" atelier with a team of young and highly motivated professionals who understand my work and experience. This is where the magic began. More and more important fashion magazines started to show an interest in my work: Glamour, Vanity Fair, Vogue and other magazines in the industry started writing articles about us and following my career.

My professional and personal growth continued. I began to develop strong ethical ideas: I became a vegan and I try to use products in my work that fit in with my philosophy of life. Today life and work merge together in a unique concept, the essence of which is the continuous search for new ideas.


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