Our stylists at work, Norma Hair Studio, every person is different and every look is a process for it's own.

Mauro Basso and the Norma Hair Studio team mission

Every look is a process in itself because each person is different.

When we cut hair, create a hairstyle or think about a make-up idea our aim is to satisfy our clients' desires and to create something that reflects their personality.

Working in my team is a philosophy of life.
Creativity and passion are what led me to be a famous hair stylist.
For this reason passion must flow and liberate inner creativity in accordance with the precious elements and balance in my team.

Room for creativity

Clients choose us because they want a particular experience and to embrace change naturally.

The Norma Hair Studio atelier, where this philosophy came about, is pure concept. It is here that after years of direct experience at catwalks and fashion events everything takes shape: haircuts, hairstyles, colours, make-up and much more. A creative melting pot where every element is the result of a pre-conceived perception of style and trends that are transformed into what we call "FASHION", where temporal elements disappear and flow into timeless concepts.

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